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Easy DNA 3D modeling

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A partnership between the Fourmentin-Guilbert Foundation and INRIA released Graphite-MicroMégas, a software to perform 3D model assemblies of proteins and DNA. Its main feature is the capability to create 3D models of DNA in a highly intuitive manner. Read More

Highly-detailed 3D model of the HIV

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Ivan Konstantinov and his team from Visual Science just won first place in the 2010 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge (Category Illustrations), sponsored jointly by the journal Science and the National Science Foundation (NSF). Read More

Cytoplasm organization in bacteria

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Our review paper “An inventory of the bacterial macromolecular components and their spatial organization” is now published online in FEMS Microbiology Reviews (March 2011, Volume 35, Issue 2, pages 233–414)

The paper reviews qualitative and quantitative data on the intracellular organization of bacteria and provide a detailed inventory of macromolecular structures. A particular focus is made on the bacterial Z-ring and the crowding due to the ribosomes.

The 3D scenes used for making the illustrations are downloadable in the Download section of the website.

October model of the month

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A very first modelling of the bacterial septosome Authors : D.Larivière, E.Fourmentin (Fondation Fourmentin-Guilbert), O. Mavré (LISAA) N. Dubarry, M.-L. Bonné, F.-X. Barre (Centre de Génétique Moléculaire, CNRS, Gif/Yvette) Read More