Interview with Drew Berry

By May 12, 2011Uncategorized
Graham Johnson interviews Drew Berry, medical illustrator at WEHI and 2010 McArthur fellow.

Drew Berry insists on David Goodsell’s pioneering work in cellular landscape depiction:

“Goodsell’s artworks illuminated the beauty and wonder of biology at the molecular scale. I had studied biochemistry and attended numerous lectures by molecular biologists but had always glazed over with all the jargon and abbreviations they would use in describing their work. Goodsell’s drawings revealed for me the connections of molecules inside our living cells and made me appreciate why scientists are so excited about what was being discovered. Inspired by his work, I set out to create my first cell membrane animation with receptors and other molecules on the surface of a stem cell. This resulted in the animation that can be seen in my Colony Stimulating Factor animation, which I made around 1999.”

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