Easy DNA 3D modeling

By June 12, 2011Uncategorized

A partnership between the Fourmentin-Guilbert Foundation and INRIA released Graphite-MicroMégas, a software to perform 3D model assemblies of proteins and DNA. Its main feature is the capability to create 3D models of DNA in a highly intuitive manner.

To date, the Graphite-MicroMégas modeling and visualization tool allows to:

  • import PDB files
  • create isosurface of molecular object
  • highlight residues of interest
  • calculate distance between residues pairs
  • import and export in 3D formats
  • model DNA and export the result in PDB
  • visualize a 3D scene with Level of Detail
  • import a file with x,y,z coordinates and convert it into a DNA representation


We will soon provide video tutorials.

Graphite MicroMégas is the result of a collaboration between the Fourmentin-Guilbert Scientific Foundation (http://www.fourmentinguilbert.org/) and INRIA (Samuel Hornus, Bruno Levy; http://alice.loria.fr/).

It runs on Linux, Windows and Mac OSX. The tool is in Beta stage, and it is hoped that users will provide feedback. If you are interested in using this free software, please contact us at: info[at] lifeexplorer.eu or samuel.hornus [at] inria.fr

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